Winter for a motorhome holiday

Who does not like the Winter? Specially when talking about holidays, white snow,  idillic landscapes…really I don0t know if continue writing or to take my holidays. The true is that al lis perfect if we are looking to do hollidays in Motorhome or camper.

To make the holidays in Winter in Motorhome is the same comfortable that in any other moment of the year. The Motorhomes are equipped to the low temperaturas by the isolation and wiht the heating. All of them make that you can enjoy your Holidays on wheels wiht all commodities.

Motorhome holiday

The Winter come several posibilities to visit, it’s possible to go to the snow, to visit cities, tipic villages whit christmas views and after it the same beautiful atractions. In Euromotorhome we propose one itinerary for differents locations

Holidays in Motorhome wiht snow.

 Euromotorhome® - The best winter destinations for a motorhome holiday

If you are looking to go to practice the skiing and at the same time enjoy of yoru freedom in Motorhome for sure you enjoy at maximum wiht our recommendations.

One of the bigger advantages when you made a trip in Motorhome to the snow to stay few days is that the expenses are covered on the sky resorts. Only you need the equipment to ski and the forfait.

Normally you can park the Motorhome togheter the track foot without the preocupation to load or transport the necessary equipment.

After this comment we get you one relation of the sky resorts in Spain where is allowed the parking of the Motorhomes to sleep.

Sierra Nevada Resort in Granada on the sud of Spain. The first sky resort whit one área for Motorhomes from 2003 year. The área i son the Peñotes of San Francisco and their capacity is for around 90 vehicles. It0s Access directly to the Virgen de las Nieves chairlift. This resot has not wáter and electricity and the price is 10,00 Euros for each 24 hours.

Coordinates: 37.098669, -3.392754

 Euromotorhome® - The best winter destinations for a motorhome holiday

Grandvalira Resort in Andorra. There are one parking on the Encamp área, very bigger área wiht zone to empty the used wáter, also thewc, 2 faucet for fres wáter and electricity where you can sleep wihtout problem. The publish price isa round 22,95 Euros each night.

Coordinates: 42.532826, 1.577949

 Euromotorhome® - The best winter destinations for a motorhome holiday

Ax 3 Domaines Resort in Ariége in France. Placed on the french pyrenees mountains, also has one área for Motorhomes wiht the necessary equipment for used wáter, fresh wáter and eletricity. More than this has one cableway free wiht the forfait who can transport you to Ax Les Thermes where you can go to drink ore at some wihtout to move the Motorhome.

Coordinates: 42.699713, 1.816289

On the same zone of the Pyrenees in France you can find bigger offert for Motorhomes because France is a very god country wiht important tradition on caravaning life style.

 Euromotorhome® - The best winter destinations for a motorhome holiday

Zermatt.Matterhorn Resort in Switzerland. Nothing more and nothing less this resort has 102 ski slopes. It’s the center up mountains more higher in Europe. It’s necessay to be in consideration that Zermatt is a village who don’t permitt vehicles whit enginee and for this is better to park in Täsch where you can park your Motorhome and wiht Access to the train to Zermatt; one wonderfull experience too.

Coordinates: 46.077132, 7.775326

 Euromotorhome® - The best winter destinations for a motorhome holiday

The possibility to be the Holidays in Motorhome on the snow there are wides, in Europe there are many places where you can go wiht snow that’s guarantee that you can drink one good coffee from your Windows enjoying the mountains.

Hollidays in Motorhme by Europe.

If you prefer to vist cities, wihout any dubt the Winter also get you incredible hallmarks of the more emblematic places of Europe.

Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy of this magic trip.

Europe in Motorhome

The old Europe is full of special squares and cities that you can visit in Winter. We get you some of this beatiful experiences.

Berlin in Germany is a nice city adapted for the tourism in Motorhme, on the cicyt center there are several parkings for your Motorhome. Also you can select other some more distance of the center and for this wiht more calm.

 Euromotorhome® - The best winter destinations for a motorhome holiday

In your tour in Berlin in Motorhome you must to visit the Wall of Berlin , the Branderbourger Toor, The Doom of Berlin, The Sachsenhausen concentration camp, The Museum Insel with the Pergamo musseum, The Reistag and many more places. One of the best things to do in to enjoy of their culture and share the ambient. Specially places for exaimple the Nikolaviertel, the East Side Gallery And the famous Kudam whit the rest of the french church destroyed on the second world war.

Coordinates: 52.595410, 13.288937

Praga in Czech Republic. You have not any problem to overnight in Prague.

 Euromotorhome® - The best winter destinations for a motorhome holiday

Oblied visit is the Castle wh is considered the castle more bigger around the world and the most important monument of the Czech Republic. But also you can to visit the Cathedral of San Vito, The astronomical clock, the Charles Bridge, the Gold Alley. There are free visit walking who normally departure from the principal square and also remember to make one tour of beer. If you like the history also is available the visit to the Judish District, The Power Tour and the first concentration camp Terezin where also you can go whit your Motorhome. Don’t forget to seat in one of the terraces of the city center togheter the town hall.

Paris in France. The Love city, The light city and always one experience that you can not to forget. Paris in Motorhome will be specially romantic experience.

 Euromotorhome® - The best winter destinations for a motorhome holiday

To stay in Paris wiht your Motorhome you can go to the Bois du Boulogne Camping Site, near the center and togheter the Boulogne forest, this permitt you to sleep surrounded of the nature and if you go by bus for the Sena river you have also the possibillity to se the original Statue of Liberty togheter one bridge on the Seine river. Remember that whats one gift that the france people give awya to the New York city.

In Paris is necessary to visit the “Eiffel Tower”, now the Notre Dme is closed for visit but sure is one of the emotions visits on distance that you do. The Museum D’Orsey whit the impressionist collections and the famous Louvre whit many paints and one of the most good colections of the Egypt whit many mummies and objects. The own Paris is an outdoor museum with countless places to visit and to know. The Chamos Elysees, The Sacre Coeur, The Pigalle district… can discover your own Paris.

To travel in Europe in Motorhome is an experience that you can not forget, you can change the city each day, to know places whit less torusit than the normal torus but that as a concentration of wonderfull and nices places. From Euromotorhome we don0t like to finish this comments about bigger cities forgetting some others like Viena (Austria), Copenhague (Dinamarca), Tallín (Estonia), Durham (Reino Unido), Verona (Italy), Sintra (Portugal) and many more other destinations that we will be discovering in our blog.

Spain in Motorhome

Spain is one of the tourist destinations that you do in summer or in Winter, their temperatura and the weather durign all the year are very interesting for all travelleres around the world but in Winter, now, there are best temperaturas than of the rest of Europe and for this travels in Motorhome inside Spain is a pleasure.

Toledo in Spain. If you think to visit Toledo in Motorhome you can stay in one área for Motorhomes whi is only 10 minutes from the city center walking. This área has not service to empty tanks or to refill it but there are one petrol station only to 250 meters.

 Euromotorhome® - The best winter destinations for a motorhome holiday

Toledo is a rich city for their heritage and old history and is necessary to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Toledo, Monastir of San Juan, the Alcazar of Toledo, The Hinge Door, the Greco museum and many more.

Segovia, Spain. Segovia is very famous city who is knowledge as the Castle Territory and also for their eating, specially famous the “Cochinillo” (roasted small pig). Also if you go to Segovia in Motorhome you can stay in one free parking for maximum 15 motorhomes. The historic área is longer around 15 minutos walking only.

 Euromotorhome® - The best winter destinations for a motorhome holiday

It’s essential in your visit the view of the “Acueducto” aqueduct maked by the romans, The “Casa de los Picos”, The “Alcazar” and Juan II tower…¡ To eat “cochinillo”!

Cuenca, Spain. You can park in one Motorhome parking very near of the city center.

 Euromotorhome® - The best winter destinations for a motorhome holiday

You can visit their famous “Casas Colgantes” who are houses built on the Wall of rock, The “Ciudad Encantada” City Haunted, The Cathedral, The San Pablo bridge and so on.

The Winter is a perfect season to vist any city or village in Spain by Motorhome. In this article we talk you about only some of the destinations, more later we will tlak more and whit more details for your visit to Spain in Motorhome.

From Euromotorhome © we hope that we get you some propositions and ideas for your next hollidays in Motorhome and for Winter.

The best when you made a trip in Motorhome in Winter is that you can enjoy the same that in your own house of your couch, blanket or film but wiht one bigger diference…if you see trought your window the landscape is idyllic.

If you are preparing your trip and need a motorhome, camper or similar, enter our website and find the one you need.